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Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss

Golf can be the most frustrating of sports. There are many elements to master, and one cannot afford not to utilise the various mediums available to gain improvement. Everyone is looking to improve, to have that vital edge over the opposition. One thing is certain, there is no easy fix.

But the individual can see an immense improvement in their game by: addressing a often overlooked factor Golf fitness.
So before you yawn and say I`ve heard it all before, think on this:
Have you ever applied yourself in the correct manner?
Have you really looked into golf fitness and studied the various techniques that can improve your game? Probably not.

There is a great deal of misinformation and technical jargon out there. It can difficult to understand but if you wish to improve your game then getting to grips with the basics is vitally important. The incorporation of certain facts regarding the way your body works could be pivotal in obtaining the best results from your fitness regime. Golf is golf, fantastic and frustrating at the same time, but this has not altered the games standing as the most popular global sport. But one must look at the aspects of the game and realise that the ignorance we have all shown has to be addressed. If we want to improve and get the most from our golf game golf fitness has got to play a part.

An unpleasant scenario could be that your regular playing partner has been improving speedily when you are stuck in a rut. For years you have been on a par but now the swine is taking all the plaudits. Yes you are trying so hard but the same mistakes are prevalent. So how is he doing it?

More importantly why aren`t you? Chances are he has taken golf fitness advice, his game has improved and thus he is confident and assured.

So if you want to keep abreast of the competition or even be the one that everyone compliments on your improvement you have to open your eyes and address the situation.

A golf fitness program is not only considered to be essential for the professional game but for anyone that is serious about golf and the search for improvement. Such improvement is dependent on a certain level of fitness and the amount of time you can dedicate to practice and analysis.

No one would expect the everyday golfer to be able to devote countless hours at the gym or to beat the pavements on a ten hour jog. What is easily expected is simple techniques that can highlight deficiencies in your body and address these to maximise potential. And, hey, it is good for you as well, though not quite as important as the thirty yards on the drive.

Who ever said ignorance is bliss never understood the dynamics of golf!

Swing Into Action

A simple exercise plan to help your round 
After winning his first Green Jacket in 1961 it was quoted that Gary Player would never last as his exercise regime would ruin his golfing career. Nearly fifty years on it could be said that quote was slightly in error. Admittedly Player was, and still is, a fitness fanatic. Not everyone has his zeal and time to commit to such indoctrination.
However it seems that golfers need to be educated about the benefits of exercise and warm-ups.

A recent survey of more than 1000 golfers confirmed that golfers primarily do not warm up. A surprising 70% stated they rarely warmed up, less unexpected was that a meagre 3.8% confessed to exercising before each round.

Now before you hook out the sweat pants and dust off the barbells let`s take some time to think about this:
The Arnold we want to simulate is Palmer not Schwarzenegger. So relax, sit back and let`s think of the most practical and accessible means of golf exercises at hand.

Some advocate exercising at home before you leave for your round. That is fine if you are a short journey from the golf course, however a sixty minute drive can undo all that good work. A hearty breakfast providing the necessary nutrients is all that is required at home, far more important is good time management to allow you to get to the course with time in hand to implement your golf exercises.
Upon arrival your first course of action should be a thorough stretch. With no restrictions there is little excuse in not performing these simple exercises.

1.Interlock your fingers with palms facing outwards, then stretch your arms forward allowing for the natural flexibility to release tension in your muscles slowly raise your arms above your head (or as far as possible) before relaxing back into the natural position. Repeat this five or six times.

2.The odd windmill to loosen up the shoulders would not go amiss at this point.

3.Try some gentle lunges to loosen up those leg muscles. Stand with right foot forward, left foot back about 3 feet apart, gently bend the knees to lower the body towards the floor, don`t worry if you are only capable of a short lunge, the exercise will sufficiently warm those muscles. Repeat the process five times on alternate legs.

4.Place your hands on your hips and perform a few turns. Twist as far as your body will allow, loosening up those rotator muscles can help your swing and reduce strain on your back.

Increase your Golf Fitness, and Lower you`re Handicap

It is very rare that any top sportsman does not rely in some degree on his level of fitness. When Nick Faldo completely altered his approach to the game in the early eighties a major factor in his rise to be number one golfer in the world was the fitness regime that complimented his obvious talent. Tiger Woods has no problem admitting that he would not be as successful as he is without the golf fitness schedule he adheres to.


There may be a great deal of factors that require improvement in your golf game, some are technical, and some are mental. One thing that all these elements will have in common is that they are all related in some way to golf fitness. Technical issues could be down to your conditioning, and the mental aspect could simply be that we do not function well when under extreme exertion.

So without doubt golf fitness is an element that must be worked on and developed according.

But what are the key issues?

How can we isolate and act to improve these faults?

With the variety of positions the body is forced to undertake whilst playing golf, the lack of a certain amount of flexibility can be a severe hindrance. A simple stretching exercise can improve your natural fluidity but a golf swing pushes the body to its limits. Everybody has a different body shape; different regimes are required for the each individual. But the fact remains that stretching exercises in golf fitness will see a welcome improvement in vital areas of the game.

Everyone could use a little extra body strength; it is always handy to know you have the power to perform certain shots. However you may have arms like Mr Universe but if your body has areas of fragility you will not be hitting the ball as far as you should. An all-round body workout is required to build on those weak points and give your body an all-round purpose.

No matter how strong your body may be, it means little if your core strength is deficient. This is the key area to generating power through the swing. Exercises targeting this area are without peer.

One must address certain issues to utilise your body`s core strength. Power equals speed and speed and strength are the recipe for long drives. Short energetic exercises are ideal for golf fitness in this area.

Less is sometimes more. When on the range take your time, hitting a rapid succession of technically incorrect drives isn`t going to help your game. Relax take your time allow a natural swing to develop in between small breaks.

These are key elements in golf fitness and in addressing them you will undoubtedly see a steady improvement. If you are able to marry these with other forms of less direct training then success will not be far away. Fitness levels are slowly becoming more important to everyday golfers. With the right application and planning golf fitness can and will improve your body, your game and your score.

You Don`t Have to be a Professional to act Professionally

So Tiger Woods spends two hours a day in gym, Gary Player still does a thousand sit ups every morning. I don`t need to do that, it is there job to play golf. And so it goes. Yes they havethe time and money to devote their lives to their given sport but is that really an excuse for you to be lax in your approach. Fitness for Golf is not just a phrase that applies to the golf pro. In fact it is just as important to every golfer.

A wise man once stated that to master anything one must study the masters of that given field. So you watch the professionals, learn from their swing, their putting or the short game.

But how are they able to achieve this? 
Yes natural talent has a huge part to play, you cannot copy that. What you can do is look at their preparation techniques, see how they train their bodies and mind to an optimum level. This can be replicated and utilised.

What is the use of having the best golf equipment if one cannot get the most from it?
Having the latest driver means little if your swing is restricted by a lack of flexibility. Plan your fitness for golf and this will not be a problem.

Got a fantastic putter but by the time you reach the green your body is exhausted and that lack of concentration means (dare I say it) the dreaded three put! Put fitness for golf into your routine and you`ll be sinking them like the Golden Bear himself.

So one must believe that fitness for golf, is essential to the modern golf game but not only for the pro`s. Your body must be honed to succeed, and your mind will follow suit. A confident golfer will always play better than one filled with self-doubt. The pro`s have this ability because they have supreme confidence in their technique, application and the long hours of preparation.

But you must address this area. No professional would allow this to continue and not seek the correct direction.

Those Golfers that devise a plan for fitness for golf will ultimately see improvement and obtain success. If you begin exercising one day without a plan and realistic targets you are hampering any chance of success. In reality such an approach could cause serious injury and thus a great hindrance. So don`t go mad at hit the gym lifting heavy weight, look for golf specific exercises, designed to strengthen and support those areas of need. A careful plan and schedule should be a top priority, start with care and caution and allow your body to develop; your golf game will definitely reap the benefit.

Golf should be enjoyable, fitness for golf may not seem as enjoyable at first but exercises for golfers do not have to be strenuous, many find them enjoyable after getting over the hurdle of actually starting! When you see the improvement in your scoring you might just change your mind.