Golf Fitness For Seniors

Imagine… adding an extra 30 yards on to your drives and making that putt that you just missed but you know you should have got!!!
You probably have more time as you get older to play the sport you love “Golf” but unfortunately your game may not be as good as it once was or should be. This is due to the ageing process which makes our bodies slower and stiffer.
What if you could change that and actually improve your golf?

Sound good?

Well you can… Working with a My Golf Fitness specialist can help reverse the aging process and improve your golf.

How you are asking?

My Golf Fitness specialists are trained specifically to improve a golfer’s body in relation to their swing no matter what age they are.

Just a few of the benefits that we can offer senior golfers are:

•    Increased ROM (flexibility)
•    Improved stability “Better short game”
•    More power! Longer drives!
•    Revitalize your body
•    Reduce stiffness and pain to improve your game
•    Eliminate bio mechanical faults in your swing
•    Avoid injury and have more fun!!!


Better Body = Better Golf


If you are serious about improving your golf then
 call us TODAY to start playing better golf.