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Golf Performance Evaluation

The Golf Performance Evaluation is a series of assessments checking you`re: Posture, Flexibility, Stability, and Strength in relation to golf. This is the first step and is very important as it enables us to accurately diagnose any problems that are restricting you from your “ideal” golf swing…Learn More

Fit to a Tee | Personal Golf Fitness Training
A program will improve your game unlike some traditional gym programs which can actually damage your game. We can also work alongside your golf professional if you have one…Learn More

Group Training
Golf specific sessions done in small groups are a fun way to get fit for golf with your friends or golfing buddy’s. These sessions can be carried out anywhere whether it be outside or in the comfort of your home in one of your rooms, we supply all the necessary equipment and the session…Learn More

Senior Golfers
You probably have more time as you get older to play the sport you love “Golf” but unfortunately your game may not be as good as it once was or should be. This is due to the ageing process which makes our bodies slower and stiffer…Learn More

Injured Golfer
A My Golf Fitness specialist has the ability to accurately assess and identify the root cause of your problem they will then take you through one of our specialist injured golfers program and help get you back to playing pain free and enjoying your golf again…
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Golf Fitness Workshops
Golf Fitness workshops will be held throughout the UK, these workshops focus on golf specific conditioning and swing faults due to the following. A Golf Performance Evaluation may be completed during these workshops…
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Chartered Sports Physiotherapy
As a golf specific company we have a better understanding of the reasons why golfers get injured therefore we not only treat the symptoms i.e. pain, we also treat the problem which is causing the pain…Learn More

Corporate Golf
Make your golfing event something to talk about by having a My Golf Fitness specialist and/or a PGA golf professional attend…Learn More