Sports Physiotherapy

Golf Sports Injury clinic
As a golf specific company we have a better understanding of the reasons why golfers get injured therefore we not only treat the symptoms i.e. pain, we also treat the problem which is causing the pain.

Example: You are suffering from low back pain. Ok, your back might be tight and maybe you have a disc and/or muscle damage causing pain.

Normal treatment: You would be given treatment to relieve the pain and ease your tight muscles and are hopefully now pain free!

But chances are are it will come back…

Why? See our treatment below.

My Golf Fitness treatment: Once again you are given treatment and exercises to help relieve pain and ease tight muscles.
BUT you also have the opportunity to get functionally assessed for bio mechanical issues that are directly affecting your golf plus you are given the opportunity to work with a My Golf Fitness specialist…

Why get functionally assessed for golf?  This could be the cause of your problem…

If you have specific muscle imbalances relating to golf you will be putting excessive force on your spine, muscles and joints during your swing causing you to get injured.

By incorporating proper swing mechanics, helps golfers have fluidity in their muscle movement which increases their ability to minimize the force on their joints and muscles during their swing.