Golf Performance Evaluation

The Golf Performance Evaluation is based on a series of assessments used on PGA Tour  Professionals.
My Golf Fitness offers these assessments used on the PGA Tour which ensures all our clients recieve a world class services good enought for Touring Professionals.

Below is what we assess in relation to your golf swing:

•    Posture (Dynamic/Static)
•    Flexibility
•    Stability
•    Strength
•    Power
•    Balance
•    Golf Fitness Handicap

This is the first and very important step as it enables us to accurately diagnose any problems that are restricting you from your “ideal” golf swing.

Based on your results you will then be given a golf specific training program that addresses any of your problems picked up on the golf performance evaluation. You will also be taught how to properly warm up and cool down to get the most out of your golf.

“The most important piece of equipment in golf is your BODY if that`s not working correctly you will always struggle with swing faults and inconsistancy”

Below is one of our clients results from their Golf Performance Evaluation
Client X:

Golf Fitness Handicap:24
You have limited flexibility between your upper and lower body when rotating your trunk to the right.  This will limit you ability to get a full shoulder turn and maintain a good stable posture during your backswing.

You have limited internal rotation in your right hip.  This may make it difficult to coil and load into your right hip on the backswing and may cause excessive lateral motion (sway) verses a good rotary move.

You have limited flexibility in your upper spine, chest and rib cage on the right.  This may limit your ability to rotate your torso around your lower body on the backswing and may cause your arms to lose width at the top of the swing.

You have limited flexibility in your left lat.  This may limit your ability to elevate your arms in the backswing without losing your posture. This is also one of the main reason players lose width in their backswing.

You are limited in your ability to squat all the way to the ground because of restrictions in your ankles.  You have lost full dorsi-flexion in both ankles.  This can lead to early extension and loss of balance during the downswing.

You have limited external rotation in your right shoulder while maintaining your golf posture. This can make it difficult to get your right forearm vertical under the club during the backswing without lifting up out of your posture and can lead to a steep swing plane on the downswing.

It is difficult for you to modify the position (tilt) of your pelvis in golf posture.  This is an important skill for being able to transfer energy from the lower body to the upper body in the swing.  In top level players, their pelvis tilts backwards almost 20 degrees during the downswing due to the contraction or firing of their abdominals.  Your limitation can be due to lack of mobility in your lumbar spine or weakness in the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

It is difficult for you to bend over and touch your toes with your knees locked. This can be due to a bilateral hip restriction or inflexibility in your lumbar spine, calves and hamstrings. These limitations can make it difficult to set up in a good golf posture and maintain that posture throughout you swing. Hip restrictions can make sitting into your right hip on the backswing and posting into your left hip during the downswing seem impossible. They can also lead to lower back and hip pain during golf.

You have lost some mobility and strength in both shoulders.  This can lead to loss of width, loss of posture and limited range of motion in the shoulders during your golf swing.

You are having a hard time stabilizing your right leg and right hip with your right glute muscle.  You tend to over recruit your right hamstrings or lower back to help stabilize your leg due to a weakness or inhibition of your right glute.  This can make it difficult to stabilize your right side during your swing or limit the amount power you can produce in your lower body.

The muscles that help create good lateral stability in your golf swing tested strong on both sides.  This is a big plus in trying to prevent any excessive lateral motion in your swing.

It is difficult for you to balance on either leg with your eyes closed.  This is due to a loss of proprioception, which is the ability to sense where your body parts are in space using your nervous system.  This can cause problems with balance, stability, tempo, rhythm, and timing.


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