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Golf Fitness

Whether you are a professional or recreational golfer, 1-2-1 training with a My Golf Fitness specialist is the best way to improve your game. Unlike some traditional gym programmes which can actually damage your game our programmes WILLimprove your game.

Why do you think most of the top touring pro`s train?

YES! It`s because it IMPROVES their game…”

We Will improve your game with our simple yet effective golf specific exercises. The exercises we use are also the same as what many of the top touring professionals use…

Best of all… You don`t even have to go to a gym.

Realizing that many golfers are not interested in going to a gym, but would still like to LOWER their score and play better golf, My Golf Fitness (MGF) have devised Golf specific programs that can be done in your office, outside or even in your home.

Please note: Our programmes are golf specific. They are not just another traditional gym workout with a few rotational exercises throw in for good measure, which unfortunately is what is often given to golfers by Personal Trainers trying to cash in on the golf market. Read our blog article: Is your fitness programme really golf specific!

With our Fit To A Tee programme you WILL:

•    Improve your flexibility and stability… (More Consistancy)
•    Improve your endurance… (Lower scores on the back 9)
•    Reduce stiffness and pain.. .(More Enjoyment)
•    Eliminate any muscle imbalances… (Improved Swing)
•    Improve your strength and power… (Longer Drives)
•    Avoid injury and have more fun…  LOWER SCORES

Ultimately increasing your Flexibility“ Stability“ Strength and Power
= lower handicap, Longer drives and more enjoyment…