You Don`t Have to be a Professional to act Professionally

So Tiger Woods spends two hours a day in gym, Gary Player still does a thousand sit ups every morning. I don`t need to do that, it is there job to play golf. And so it goes. Yes they havethe time and money to devote their lives to their given sport but is that really an excuse for you to be lax in your approach. Fitness for Golf is not just a phrase that applies to the golf pro. In fact it is just as important to every golfer.

A wise man once stated that to master anything one must study the masters of that given field. So you watch the professionals, learn from their swing, their putting or the short game.

But how are they able to achieve this? 
Yes natural talent has a huge part to play, you cannot copy that. What you can do is look at their preparation techniques, see how they train their bodies and mind to an optimum level. This can be replicated and utilised.

What is the use of having the best golf equipment if one cannot get the most from it?
Having the latest driver means little if your swing is restricted by a lack of flexibility. Plan your fitness for golf and this will not be a problem.

Got a fantastic putter but by the time you reach the green your body is exhausted and that lack of concentration means (dare I say it) the dreaded three put! Put fitness for golf into your routine and you`ll be sinking them like the Golden Bear himself.

So one must believe that fitness for golf, is essential to the modern golf game but not only for the pro`s. Your body must be honed to succeed, and your mind will follow suit. A confident golfer will always play better than one filled with self-doubt. The pro`s have this ability because they have supreme confidence in their technique, application and the long hours of preparation.

But you must address this area. No professional would allow this to continue and not seek the correct direction.

Those Golfers that devise a plan for fitness for golf will ultimately see improvement and obtain success. If you begin exercising one day without a plan and realistic targets you are hampering any chance of success. In reality such an approach could cause serious injury and thus a great hindrance. So don`t go mad at hit the gym lifting heavy weight, look for golf specific exercises, designed to strengthen and support those areas of need. A careful plan and schedule should be a top priority, start with care and caution and allow your body to develop; your golf game will definitely reap the benefit.

Golf should be enjoyable, fitness for golf may not seem as enjoyable at first but exercises for golfers do not have to be strenuous, many find them enjoyable after getting over the hurdle of actually starting! When you see the improvement in your scoring you might just change your mind.